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Latest Links:

        6.12 Detection of Invalid Routing Announcement in the Internet.


Network Resources and Collections:

        IETF security working group:

        Security Focus and bugtraq mailing list can be found:

        The CERT® Coordination Center (CERT/CC):

        Networking Security Tools:

        A link to a Reading list in networking security area:

        Many useful links on this website,

       DOS websites:
       DDOS attack resource at: , a lot of tools.

       DDOS attack resource at:

        Cisco Routers and IOS security Issues:
        National Security Agency Security Recommendation Guides:

        An article about router security:

        Secure BGP website:

        Bookmarks contributed by Chen Zesheng. Click Here.

        The CVE website: Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. ( A list of standardized names for vulnerabilities and other information security exposures.)                

        The ICAT website: A searchable index of information on computer vulnerablities.

         Honeynet Project's website.

Papers and Articles Classified:

        1.V. Srinivasan G. Varghesey S. Suriz M. Waldvogelx, Fast and Scalable Layer Four Switching,           

        2.Marcel Waldvogely, et. al., Scalable High Speed IP Routing Lookups.

        3.Pankaj Gupta and Nick McKeown, Packet Classification on Multiple Fields.

        4.Shubhash Wasti,Hardware Assisted Packet Filtering Firewall.

        5.Haining Wang Danlu Zhang Kang G. Shin, Detecting SYN Flooding Attacks

        6.David E. Taylor, John W. Lockwood, Todd S. Sproull, Jonathan S. Turner, David B. Parlour. Scalable IP Lookup for Programmable Routers,

      Three links to descriptions about DDOS attack. 1. 2. 3.

        IP traceback software can be found at

        J. Lemon, “Resisting SYN Flooding DoS Attacks with a SYN Cache”,Proceedings of USENIX BSDCon’2002, February, 2002. (Download the PDF file directly from the webpage)

        A paper about detecting anomalous packets by correlating different packets.

M. Sung, M. Haas and J. Xu, "Analysis of DoS attack traffic data", accepted and will be presented for 2002 FIRST conference (,

        Donald Cohen, K. Narayanaswamy, A Fair Service Approach to Defending Against Packet Flooding Attacks


        A solution claims that computing aggregates for many parameters and using historical information are promising methods of identifying DDoS traffic and decreasing collateral damage

        Lance Spitzner, "Understanding the FW-1 State Table",

        David M. Wilson, "DoS Attack on a Check Point Firewall"

        S. Bellovin, "Security Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite,"
        Laurent Joncheray, A simple Active Attack Against TCP,           

LAND ATTACK, detailed introduction on

        Papers on securing BGP at

        An analysis of  BGP security:

      Aman Shaikh, et. al. Routing Stability in Congested Networks: Experimentation and Analysis (abstract, paper) at


        A reading list of peer to peer and application networking in CS dept. Umass.

        peer to peer group home.

        Fyodor, "The Art of Port Scanning" September 1997 

        Ronald Black, "How Does Network Security Scanning Work Anyway?"

        John Kristoff, "trouble of UDP scanning",

        Cristian Estan and George Varghese -- CAIDA, UC San Diego."New Directions in Traffic Measurement and Accounting." at           

        Dealing with mallocfail and High CPU Utilization Resulting From the "Code Red" Worm

        Sprintlab IP monitoring project.

Tools downloading site

SNORT:  The website to download SNORT tool:

NMAP:  The website to download NMAP tool:

Many DOS tools,,

IP Filter Links


Silicon Defense,


        Steven M. Bellovin's Home Page:

        Nick McKeown's Home Page:

        Stefan Savage's Home Page:

        Supratik Bhattacharyya's Home Page:

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