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Research Projects

Projects are supported by NSF grant ANI-9977555, ANI-0085848, ANI-0208116, and NSF CAREER Award grant ANI-9875513, Air Force Research Lab, Alfred Sloan Foundation, and industry.

Software Developed in MNIL

Data Intensive Computing  
Faiter: A Fault-Tolerant Framework for Asynchronous Iterative Computations in Cloud Environments faiter.tar.gz, Paper, Website
GraB: A Distributed System for Querying Web-Scale Knowledge Graphs GraB-System.tar.gz, Paper, Website
Prom: An Asynchronous Distributed Framework for Graph Algorithms Prom-0.1.tar.gz, Paper, Website
Scalable Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Block-wise Updates ScalableNMF.tar.gz, Paper, Website
PrIter: Distributed Computing Framework for Prioritized Iteration priter-0.1.tar.gz, Paper, Website
iMapReduce: Modified Hadoop MapReduce Framework for Iterative Processing imapreduce-01.tar.gz, Paper, Website

Algorithm on inferring AS relationship based on Gao's paper asrelation-v1.01.tar.gz, README (updated on Apr. 15, 2005)
PTE Algorithm on J. Xia and L. Gao's paper infer-PTE.tar.gz, README (updated on Feb. 27, 2006)
Customized Internet Mapping and Picturing (CIMAP) CIMAP website

Dataset Collected in MNIL

Video dataset crawled from YouTube VideoDataset.tar.gz, README (updated on Jul. 1, 2011)

Publications by MNIL Members

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